Thursday, May 14, 2009

2DIY and 2Augmented Reality

Ok, sorry to all those of you have been waiting for me to upload this video. Hopefully it is worth the wait!

This was one of the last talks given @ the recent Teachmeet NEL , and it seems a fitting time to post this, on the eve of Teachmeet Midlands.

Here, Max talks us through some of the work that schools have been doing with 2DIY, most notably @ Porchester school. He then goes onto to show us his combination of 2Design and Make, a webcam and a bit of Augmented Reality. This was inspired by a General Electrics site which used AR, that was a bit of a meme a few months back.

Anyway enjoy:

Apolgies for the poorer than usual quality here -this was after the fourth attempt to encode the movie on my very old,wheezy PC.


Chris B said...

That was completely brilliant! The scope for classroom use is boundless. Clearly augmented reality as a useful tool in actual reality is a few years away yet but I for one cannot wait.

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