Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fronter Support Sites

Just thought I'd mention a few sites for Fronter users that are well worth a look and are proving a good source of help and inspiration to me. If you have anymore, feel free to comment.

The first is the Fronter Files blog, which is an account of how one school is implementing the MLE. It doesn't get updated very often, but the content and links are quite useful. I particularly like some of the advice and lesson learned on Training annd the advice given to those who are early on in their Fronter development.

Have a look here

Secondly,, this is a Fronter Support site that has very helpful use guides, including how to put a log on box on your website. They are beginning to add videos like the one below, which can be embedded within a blog or website.

Visit and browse through the FAQ section for helpful tutorials ( see below), also has a range of videos and documents, available here: I once spent a Sunday morning watching many of these, they are ok, but could do with both updating and a bit of spark.

By far the best page/ site for links and updates is the Camden LA MLE page- follow the link below for a very comprehensive list of videos, documents and sites.

You can now embed and link to video from, though so far I have only spotted one video, lets have some more please. I had embedded the clip previously, but it hadn't worked very well, so here is the link instead: