Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Teachmeet Upload

Here is the next in my brief series of video uploads from the recent Havering and Redbridge: Teachmeet Event.

This clip was taken in one of the break-out sessions in one of the side rooms at the CEME Centre. Though these smaller sessions meant you had a more cosy experience with your speaker, it did mean that you might have missed out on hearing something inspiring, which was happening in the room next door. But without these parallel sessions it would have been difficult to fit in all of our contributors.

On the whole I was glad I was in Breakout Room 2, I have already shared one presentation form here, which was Daniel Needlestone's Revision Songs, and following this one I have one more to share.

This clip shows colleagues from Cleveland Junior, a Redbridge school, sharing in more detail about how blogging and forums have really taken off at their school. It seems to me that pupils and some teachers at the school are using free and cheap tools to ac hive some of the outcomes that we'd expect from a more packaged VLE.

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