Tuesday, March 10, 2009

INSET @ Uphall

A selection of New and Exciting ICT Tools

Create a mood graph use Infant Video Toolkit

Picture to be inserted

Do more with Digital pictures visit Big HugeLabs.com

Dalek Winter Invasion

Appropriate Interfaces for Key Stage 1

Children can prepare themsleves for using tools like Word and Powerpoint by working on their Typing Skills. The Renewed Framework for Literacy states:

Year 1

Use the space bar and keyboard to type their name and simple texts

Year 2

Wordprocess short narrative and non-narrative texts

Year 3

Develop accuracy and speed when using keyboard skills to type, edit and re-draft

In order to do this children will need reagular ans sysetematic teaching on the skills of typing, placement of fingers etc. This needs to be fun, rather than drilling, or resembling something like a secretarys course.

This could be done using 2Type, see an overview of the programme here.

2Create a Story
Allows the creation of Multi- Modal Stories - an alternative to typing up. These can be saved as Flash Drives and sent home on a disc or posted on a blog or a website.

For an example of Blogs in action see Fairlop Primary or Gearies Infants School

2Create - a more advanced version of 2Create a Story

Redbridge Film Awards

This competition is open to teams of four from across the school, with prizes for best in category and best in Key Stage.

The film needs to be up to four minues long. Examples of those who already produce films can be seen below.

Further details can be found on our website -


Films can be either animation or live action

The Digi-Blu Camera is an ideal tool for shooting animation as in the examples below, while the Flip is more suited to live action

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