Monday, February 02, 2009

Usonline @Bett

While at Bett this year, Nicholas and I met some very inspiring people, who I have feel have made a great contribution to ICT software or the pedagogy that runs alongside it. Here is just one of those people, Melinda from Roar Education. Who together with Brent and Havering LAS created the excellent US online, a package for teaching upper key Stage 2 responsible Internet use.

It is worth reminding London Readers that this is a free resource via the London Grid for Learning, though a digital brain or atomwide account is needed.

The good news from ROAR is that they are currently creating a version of this online simulator for Key Stage1. This is filling a very large whole in the Esafety curriculum for younger children, as though we do have Hector the Protector, the stories are a little obscure.