Thursday, January 08, 2009

Voice Thread

Voicethread allows you to collaborate and compile comments on an image or video clip. I have arrived at use of this quite late as my fellow bloggers have been using it in MFL and Literacy for quite some time.

In the example below I created an educators account and used a generic class gmail address. For esafety reasons i asked my class to create an avatar, so as they couldn't be identified. Each of use signed in and created an identity using the avatar and first name.

On this occasion I posed the question - 'How does the picture make you feel?' contrasting two very different images of Redbridge. I had in mind that this tool could be used to gather thoughts and key vocab prior to doing some shared writing.

Voicethread does allow each user to comment either by typing, webcam or recording their voice, however Teachers Centre /borough Broadband being what it is - my advice is stick with text entries.

It seems to me there are two main uses of Voicethread, both of which offer a wide range of possibilities and excitement.

It can either be used to record thoughts of the class or a wider group


The focus of its use can be on creating a finished multimedia project for embedding in either the school blog or (Fronter tested) MLE room.

If you have never used Voicethread before and want to get into it, I suggest downloading Liz B Davies's free book on 21CC Technology tools, available on

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