Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blue Peter: How to Make a Dalek Cake

I am looking at Literacy Year 3 Non Fiction Unit 2

Phase 1: Reading and analysis of instructional texts (5 days)
Teaching content:

View extracts from a popular children's magazine or art TV programme that have 'make and do' sections. Detail and highlight a basic sequence of instructional steps.

Children orally rehearse instructional steps, recording key imperative statements in note form.

Demonstrate drafting written instructions from notes, deciding on the most suitable language features, for example the use of carefully chosen adjectives and adverbs.

If using a TV programme, download from the programme website an instructional fact sheet for the item viewed. Compare the class draft with the online version, identifying similarities and differences in form.

Provide a range of instructional extracts within varied text sources, for example children's comics, magazines and model kits. Children analyse a range of texts studied, deciding on which instructions are easiest to follow and why others are less effective.

Identify and record for reference common characteristics such as linear chronology.
Learning outcomes:
Children can recognise the structure and language features of an instructional text.
Children can express a view clearly as part of a class or group discussion.

This video seems ideal for this unit alongside some of the makes on the Blue Peter site. For example how to make an mp3 carrier .

I have been looking some more at Blue Peter on the Iplayer. It seems a lot more compelling than it used to be, back when it was Peter Duncan and Mark Curry (good to see him on holiday shopping channel now).

Anyway looking again at Phase 1 of the unit, we are asked to compare a TV how to, alongside a printed version.

Look then at the Iplayer and the episode from yesterday, where they made Christmas cards and compare and contrast with the printed fact sheet on the Blue Peter site.

The episode is on Iplayer here- but not for long!

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