Monday, May 19, 2008

Redbridge Conference Live Blog

Just introdcued Ewan - hope it went ok-

Ewan is critiquing our rather dire feedbcak form -

Ewan is interested in how we connect people - the coffee break is always the best part of a conference.

Why would I start writing by playing a computer game-said one teacher.

What did you get out of BETT this year - said two cynical teachers @ Bett- only talked about freebies- in BETT you can collect 3kg of paper.- A lot of paper but ntothing learned.

New Book- here comes everybody- the thoughts are from this book-

Tanya Byron- quote- the technology that is not transformative it is school and the pedagogy
Clay Shirky- tools do not get socially interesting until they get technologically boring.

Blogging is common place now - they are used to it now- you find it in the mail- ordinary tools - extraordinary tools.

HSBC and Facebook- for students it is bread and butter - for most people 35 + facebook is an oddity - wheras for undergarduiates it is normal - Facebook group organised protest against charges- an ordinary tool that had extraordinary tool.

What we call intuitive- we often mean familiar- Esther Dyson

My Space is the 3rd biggest country in the world.

Audience- the right audience- example of girls Beebo page - school trip most kids on Neil Winton's trip did not blog on the conventional school blog but instead they did this via Beebo Page.- The writing such as 'words can not desribe this experience' the rwiting here is far more comfortable for the pupils.

Not talking about using the online space like Beebo for learning- but rather learning from these- it is no point just putting a VLE there and expecting them to use these.

Real community is when people spend longer on the sites and interact- the key to it was creating a short url Parents were interested in what was happening in theri kids classes.

Not about huge audiences but the right- approprite even niche audience

Armchair psychology- 9 month daughter -Catriona- loved dancing to Elvis- until Ewan spotted her - audience is important even at this age.

Kid created a blog to help her with creative writing- her writing got longer - a response to Ian Rankin- Gone from grade 3 to a grade 1 - she was riting little and often and getting feedback from people- some strangers and some teachers who were invited to do this for her work.

wii wiimote head tracking- stretched to phd - a great many video responses

Dont buy an IWB- buy a wiimote!!- dont tell Steljes- many companies want the guy to come and work with him- ---- its Johnny lee

Qualifications mean nothing these days- your blog and your Youtube video

Motivation- it allows the barely motivated to give a damn- Beebo boomers- what are they then?
Like baby boomer- who made a difference in the 60s- the Beebo boomers

Edinbourgh Kids- set up students againts closure of their schools. - Used discussion boards to publicise SAC - students against closure- pushed this out through pictures

The facebook group that the teachers had did not have any idea that the Beebo group existed

If theres one lesson in all this it is talk to your kids

Flickr fly- tool - a new tool to me - what does it do?- look on flickr for flickr fly tagged pcitures- very cool- Geography can be very copy and paste but Flickr fly allows you to get a sense of scale .

Much better to have this on IWB than a flat powerpoint

Note to Primary Team - we need to do some work on Google earth and move beyond the zooming in on Ilford!!

BBC world are exploiting this technology

Mashing up Flcikr - google earth and blogs

The trick to new technology - is to use tools which are familair and mix them togther

Community walk is the mach up to use

3rd Point

How many friends do you really have?

Some Redbridge Teachers have upto 91 friends- some have
Without facebook how many friend would you have?

Roman Legion - says you could only have 8 friends- grouped into 8s - they'll be loyal to each other. Made up of 8s or tens - you only need to know 8 people to get an

Ewans's best friends wheel - the teachers in the image are the least connected- top right hand corner of friends wheel.

Dunbars law only has 100 people - you can coordinate 100 people

What would Redbridge friends wheel look like?- a possible research factor for my paternity leave

Dina Blond?

Factors in Socail Networking

Persistence- - everything - google facebook
searchability- everything is miscelniou
eg- Flcikr - just search for angst- great starters for discussion even in primary - why has the image of the dog been tagged with love- explore the tags

Tgas are powerful

Our children with digital breadcrumbs - set from their parents

we encourage copy and paste
technicaly easy:jumpcut
legally allowed

Jumpcut- challenge- eg Addidas want customers to remix the video- isnt this just like Doctor Who trailer maker - but with mor customising. And this is all legally allowed

Ewan used Flickr to search for a tube station

Invisible audiences
There are people who leave comments and then those who do not engage- they are the invisible audience- "the former audince"- the consumers.

Some schools are nervous about anyone leaving comments on blogs

Cell Phones- so many are thrown away every day
2.5 billion phone users in the world- 60 per cent are in developing conutries

In India- kids are using phones for internet access

Anything that happens in Asia happens here- eg 3g dongles allows you/kids to get internet access

Twitter was used in the Chinese Earthquake and in the cyclone- it is a constant flow of information.

The BBC is relying on Twitter for its news feeds

Connecting strangers for worthwhile causes

FOF- friends of a friend- use dodgeball a site for connecting and dating

Flashmob - a protest - what made it work - shared awareness

you need to have rules- venue - rules that were short enough to txt message

There has to be a win in a Flashmob- not just a water fight like in Millenium Gradnes

What about Shared awareness in classroom- AFL -about - Participation Culture- Active Learning- when the teacher retro plans and responds to the learner- depends on what is public and what is private - your faces:
Power clothes for school - get into your normal clothes
No it is more comples as there are so many online identys- a plethora of grey issues:
Spaces- Secret spaces- on mobile- but if on Twitter the messafe is not private
Group psaces- Beebo/My Space- open spaces- can be a performing space
Public Spaces-blogs
Participation spaces - no particaption today
Watching Spacses- like today in Ewans talk

Alternate reality games- like Africa@home- most people talking part are not in school

Ewmerging technologies

Katie Mellulah- song - feedback is hard- scinec journalist took issue with her lyric- 12 billion ligt years from the edge- she had to redraft her work.

Music is surely about the process not the end product- project based learning aloows kids to do well in their learning.

Rate my mates- kids commenting on other kids learning- you could work between schools.- The thing they found difficult was working with a group and the technology. But they loved the learning and the feedback.

How many levels in Kawishma- limitless

71% of gamers are married

Nintendogs - Primary kids in Scotland - the top dogs in the school were the ones who'd played the game before.- Some boys were running a business - selling dogs - allowing these kids in Key Stage 1 to learn such a large number - these kids are aged 6.

Myst- kids come up with extraordinary writing

And what about Mission Maker

5th Point- we are all below- average- don't feel behind the times - only 0.2 % of Flickr users actually contribute to Flickr. Most people only put up one photo - but Flickr needs these people. Its about small doable actions- I need this lesson for Primary ICT.

What simple tools can you use in your classroom without killing yourself/
How do you create shared awareness?- how can you mash technology into this?
What changes woudl you make to create small passionate groups in your classroom?

Coudl you get kids to use these tools - to create their own twist on local are or other geography/science/histor project.

That image again
Dont think try

Karl Hopwood- Becta Childnet Ceops

Risks and benefits- hes not all for banning the internet- - internet can be seen as evil - we are constantly battling demonisation-

Bad internet youtube:

A lot of people will say the net is to blame for child sex offence- it is not it is the criminals that have been doing this beforehand.

What are children doing online?
Downloading- kids using limeware to purchase music and films and sell these

It is not about banning the technology but rather about empowering children- kids will do and say all sorts of stuff online that they would not do anywhere else

Parents are not always aware of what their kids are doing online?

Baffled by technology- we cant get to grips with it all

One of the most powerful things that Karl did was he got secondary school kids to come and INSET primary colleagues. They were saying we have to listen to children. We think we know what children do online. We always say to young girls about uploading persoanl info online- but rsearch shows that most cases were kids are at risk happens when kids actually meet up with strangers- we should be talking about what is a sesnible online conversation.

Karl's maxim- if it is not acceptable in real world it is not acceptable online.

Kids in Belgium are mad for Skype

Oh no forgot to hit record on the podcast for Karl Hopwood!!

When Karl talks to parents - eg primary school parents - think their kids are not using a socially networking site- lets not pretend its not happening

Byron says schools approach is neither coherent, comprehensive or consistent.

Many heads can abdicate responsibility because they don't see it happening in the school building and because social networks require you to be 13 or over- but of course kids do not abide by this rule!

I am curious about harm and safety - as so far Karl has yet to define what he means by this ?

Beebo think there are hardly any primary school kids on their network

35-40% in Karl's school had networks

Karl is encouraging kids to set everything to private - story told of child who left their personal address on theri profile- including postcode.

X factor Emily - could be used as an example on sensible use of socail networking

Karl created an analogue session where he asked them to create an online profile on cardboard sandwich boards, they were then told these would be pasted up in town. Would they want everyone to see this ?

EU project on gaming - looking at how we can use games to help children

Gaming is a good thing in moderation- Karl's personal experience of his son- who found a friend online who stated similar interest and ages - kids are not always life wise despite being web savvy.

Did he just say that LGFL have an island in Second life?

Here comes the harm - virual paedophile rings on Second Life - Wonderland- virtual crime has real victims

Proxy by pass issues - huge in the southwest- currently a debate about how kids are using these sites- by forcing kids to use proxy bypass sites they are then open to other sites like gambling and porn.

In Scandanavia filtering is less rigid

What are the risks?
Information overload- excellent point!
Poor or inappropriate material
Potential for online bullying
Contact with unsuitable people

Teachers sites on Beebo - hate sites - would you think it was ok for your kids to make posters about you and place them all over town.

An effective AUP has clear and consitent consequences - so if hate sites are posted by kids they will then get into trouble!!

Police will tell you that most kids who get into trouble are those vulnerable kids who have no conduit with their parents.

All about a great spoof site - just like Dog Island

Guess who scenario- Karl got old codger into wendy house and he answered their questions via whiteboard - they were trying to make them realise that you don't know who you are talking to and here comes a video:

Byron says:

In good schools all staff will have a role with regards to ESafety - very true!!

Section 4b of the SEF now talks about how you keep children safe online- OFSTED has been told by Byron review that they need to collate responses.

Esafety document form Becta is being revamped this year

Cybercafe- there is a section on there about how to create an online safe profile
Lets fight togther free from DCFS - can be used with Year 6-
Publicity for parents
Teachtoday making sense of technology
Netsmartz -american version of CEOP


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