Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lets Fight it Together

Last week Karl Hopwood from Childnet left a number of resources on Esafety with us, following his talk @ the Redbridge ICT conference. I have just looked at the 'Let's Fight it Together' film from Digizen/DCSF/Childnet. I have to say I think it is very good and seems to reflect in part some of the incidents I saw @ Key Stage 2 when I had my own class. It is a well made and well acted film with no hint of sensationalism. Furthermore the focus here is on the feelings of the children involved and the technology is neutral.

Though the film is intended for Key Stage 3 and has accompanying KS3 lesson plans. The sleeve notes do say that it could be used in Year 5 and 6. I think the only worry I would have about using this in upper Key Stage 2 is the inclusion of one four letter word on the screen shot of the hate site that the boy's "friends" have made. Though as the message is put across so well in this film, I think I'd overlook this word, though I am sure some of my children wouldn't.

The DVD and website also have a set of video clips showing the perspectives of the teacher, parent and bully, alongside some poignant questions for your class to discuss. I wish I'd had this resource when I was teaching Year 6.


Karl Hopwood said...

I've used this with groups of year 5 and year 6 and I agree with you - it's an excellent resource. I understand what you're saying about the four letter word but haven't come across an issue with it at all now and have used it with a number of different schools. I guess when we think about the material that many children of this age are posting on their SN sites then we can understand why it doesn't worry them. Consideration needs to be given to those (probably the minority) who aren't so familiar. I know that there was a lot of debate around this particular point when the film was being made. It was decided to keep it in as unfortunately this is the language that many children are using.

Anthony Evans said...

Thank you Karl - I agree having looked through many BEEBo sites I find similar language, but your reassurance that you've used this with Y5 and Y6 is all I need to promote this great resources within my authority!


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