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Ruth Hammond's Session on Esafety @ Naace 08

I am blogging this while listening to Ruth Hammond from BECTA, who is their ESafety chief. I have since tidied this rather messy post up a bit, but it may still read a bit badly.

Not many people in here, looking around there are at least five Asus bloggers or note takers in the the room .

I have heard some of this before at the London ESafety conference, but it is valuable stuff, there are no show notes for today- can I find and embed some of the messages form one of her previous presentations. This was what Ruth Shared with us at last years ESafety conference in London.

Reminder to self- email out invitations to this years London Esafety conference.

Done- click here if you want more info.

Becta messages on Esafety

Look @ Childnet international - very good at producing resources.

  • Becta are trying to reach beyond the education services- and look at foster homes, youth services- all these will need an understanding of the differences between web 1 and web 2 :

  • web 1- downloading concerns- we put filters in place for this web2 Uploading

    web1 - consuming web 2 Creating

    web 1 Corporate Web 2 personal

    web 1 separate media Web 2 converged media

    Policy Context

    • ECM - STAY SAFE does not address anything in the Cyberworld- but the ICT should not be dealt with separately by just the ICT people.

    • Technologies might be banned in school but this may not mean that the school does not have a problem with Esafety- as of course they are doing it all home.

    • School can be a barrier to kids use of ICT as they have to leave it at the door.
      Ofsted now has new technologies and adopt safe practices in 4b of the SEF.

      The four CS

    • 10 hours of video is uploaded onto Youtube every hour? - Is this true and is this a bad thing?- Youtube is out of control in terms of teacher use but of course we would not want our children exposed to some of the unfortunate clips that have recently been uploaded. Interestingly one of Ruth's colleagues wrote about the value of Youtube in this weeks ICTOPUS magazine.

    • This is a child safety issue and not an ICT issue- it's not down to the head of ICT or the network manager. Bullying happened before Cyber bullying. We should not blame ICT for some of these issues as they occurred long before Technology.

    • Ruth says to ICT coordinator - go back to your head and says this is not my job! It is everyone's job- we all want our kids to use ICT and use it well but use it safely!

    • You don't have to be technologically astute to knwo that people online may not be who they day they are

    • Is everything i see online true? - use as a good resources for addressing this misconception.

    • safety, - great pack of cards and resources- an affirmation for me of the value of these resources

    • The message form Becta is not to shut down the ICT

      So what message do we give to schools?
      Key Measures:
      Policies- we all need clear guidelines and consequences
      Infrastructure and Technology - filtering - monitoring - a bit more of a secondary issue- but I guess you'd want to monitor staff !
      Education and Training- goes without saying- all staff need this - the child may just confide in an adult other than the teacher.

      When those three things are in place they have to be updated and kept up to speed as technology moves on so quickly.

      What is being done on a National level ?
      Secondary curriculum now address social and ethical use of ICT - but be good to have this in all curriculum areas- Ruth tells us that BECTA are working hard with QCA to ensure Esafety is Incorporated into the Primary curriculum.

      Yes but when Ruth? I heard the same thing over a year ago!
      Is Jim Rose's team doing this in their Primary review?

      What is my LSCB doing for ESAFETY?

      The Byron Review will soon be published- lets hope there are some positive and practical recommendations in this report, alongside some celebration of what the Internet can do for a learner.
      Young teachers need to beware of the way that they use new technologies- similar to when we'd visit the pub and see kids - we moderate our behaviour- is it appropriate to befriend our pupils on Facebook.

      Know it all for parents is free to all schools for parents- rights lets make sure Redbridge schools get hold of this and give it out- not sure if this appropriate for primary - will need to check this out.

      There is a Cyber Bullying Task Force- very good materials- including Digizen rsources
      There is an evidence trail with this- photos on phones or pages of MSN scripts- however Ruth have you ever read through pages of MSN scripts - can you decode the slang of 11 year olds?

      TDA- ITT curriculum is very tight but resources now made for raising awareness of ESfaety for teachers - could be used for INSET in schools too.

      Home office website- lots of resources but buried- guidance on health and safety - leaflet on how to search safely
      Guidance on using real life examples
      guidance on how to provide safety on how to provide safe chat rooms etc
      will soon be guidance for social networking

      CEOP- of course
      Soon be creating Key Stage 1 resources.
      Now have section purely for parents
    New toolkit for LSCBs - underpinned by PIES model- includes case studies and resource includes an audit tool forl ooking at how well schools are doing with their ESAFETY. Have to say I looked at this and it looks great and would be very useful for an SMT or wider whole school meeting.Not only is there an audit tool, we also get to click for advice on each point.

    ESafety is in the SRF of course

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