Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Podcasting Course @ Teachers Centre

Welcome to the Teachers Centre Podcasting Course

Introductory Video:

Schools that Podcast- Examples:

Fairlop Primary Redbridge and Redbridge Primary Redbridge scroll down to the Redbridge area of the LGFL Podcast site and find these two schools and their growing number of channels.

Other examples of Podcasting schools

Cefn Forest Primary

The Downs FM


Why Podcast?

What does it value does it add to the classroom?

How do we manage it in the classroom?

Resources - Safe music and short clips to Podcast with

Flashkit- recommended to me by the great Joe Dale- an easy to navigate site with lots of cool loops,many of which sound fresh and urban, therefore great for the Radio Show style Podcast

LGFL Audio Site- a large bank of audio tracks-these come in a range of lengths and as it is provided by LGFL there is no danger of meeting any inappropriate text.

Podsafe Audio- free to use songs and instrumnetal pieces- an idea to download s safe selction first, rember to attrribute the artist and titel.

How to use the Lgfl podcasting site booklet- a PDF guide to using the podcasting site, also available on the Help section of the above site. an extensive site of soundclips- a bit like flickr for sounds effects- It might be an idea to find what you want first and download into a shared file on the school network, rather than letting children search, this is because the site has such a vats collection and entering bodily functions or synonyms of these will provide the user with some quite un podcastable sounds.

Hosting for your Podcasts: you do not need to use any other service- this is free and comes with an easy to use site and huge storage

Other Useful Links

Teachers TV Podcasting Information- this includes a Teachers Tv programme showcasing Podcasting in secondary education.

Redbridge Podcasting Network - a group of three of our schools. who are commited to finding out what good looks like in Primary podcasting.

The Podium Blog- examples of good work from around the country using Podium

Podcast Central - a resource on the London Grid for learning that contains links and how tos for Podcasting.

Todays Powerpoint:

will be here soon


White Jaks said...

Thanks Anthony for an intresting day, did pick up on a few things and got me back into blogging! I better not get addicted to this thing again!!
Thanks again

anjmanga said...

Hey Anthony, good course, I actually learned a lot today. I FINALLY created a blog... about time too huh? :)))
Thanks again

The Dunnes said...

Thanks so much Anthony. I'm a bit of a novice but you were really patient when I was rubbish. I'm looking forward to putting it all into action. Thanks

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