Monday, March 17, 2008

Free SEN Resources

I am composing a list of free SEN resources, I am going to use these both in my work and in my home. If you come across any that I have missed, then please let me know.

The list is quite short at the moment

Like Dylan, Leo can now use the mouse, well the left button anyway. What drove him to mouse use was of course motivation and seeing the five naughty monkeys jump on the bed.

Five Naughty Monkeys- one of the songs on the Priory Wood site- controlled by pointing device or switch

Five little Ducks- from the same site above-both of these are also good in a foundation stage context for teaching counting and simple subtraction

Catch me if you can- A simple Powerpoint activity for learning to use a pointing device- could even be a finger on the SMART Board.

Rubberface- a great game for learning the emotions - a difficult skill for those with communication difficulties

This site from Inclusive has lots of good free tools for parents and teachers to use alongside some great free games.

There is the Interactive visual timtetable - built by Bob Black an ICT and Downs expert.

The Find out Page has photostorys that can be navigated by a switch,space bar or mouse

Simple Control Systems and basic programming can be explored through Penny Penguin's ski jump

Also on this ite is a mouse skills application - Drag and Drive

Please let me know of others


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