Sunday, February 24, 2008

Podcasting and Blogging Resources Training @Chadwell


A good example of a school that Podcasts
Fairlop Primary Redbridge and
Redbridge Primary Redbridge
scroll down to the Redbridge area of the LGFL and find these two schools and the growing number of channels

Safe music and short clips to Podcast with

Flashkit- recommended to me by the great Joe Dale- an easy to navigate site with lots of cool loops,many of which sound fresh and urban, therefore great for the Radio Show style Podcast

LGFL Audio Site- a large bank of audio tracks-these come in a range of lengths and as it is provided by LGFL there is no danger of meeting any inappropriate text. an extensive site of soundclips- a bit like flickr for sounds effects- It might be an idea to find what you want first and download into a shared file on the school network, rather than letting children search, this is because the site has such a vats collection and entering bodily functions or synonyms of these will provide the user with some quite un podcastable sounds.

Hosting for your Podcasts: you do not need to use any other service- this is free and comes with an easy to use site and huge storage


A good example of a school that Blogs:

Sandaig Primary Glasgow

Blogging Tools easy to use blogging tool- you will need a Google account but this is easily done. The downside with Blogger is the Next blog button at the top of the page, clicking on this could take you to a blog on any subject.

Blogmeister- Favoured by Paul Harrington, this tool allows you to show your pupils blogs on the same page as the teacher's blog comments. You will need to email the author of the excellent 2$ worth blog, Dave Warlick, in order to get a school pass code.

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