Monday, January 07, 2008

Foundation Stage / NQT Course

Flickr- a good source of images

LGFL Content

  • LGFL Content-
(note these will work in a London school but will not work @ home unless you log in)

  • iboard- Excellent drag and drop activities ideal for Foundation and Key Stage 1. These activities cover aspects of the Foundation Stage Curriculum, along with Literacy,Numeracy, Science and some foundations subjects for Years 1 and 2. visit :
  • Virtual Experiemnts- each area of QCA Science is covered here with a virtual representation of an experiment, coupled with data charts to interpret and objects to be dragged into the correct place.There are packages for Year 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 Visit for year 3 and 4, for year 1 and 2 and for years 5 and 6.
Links and Resources

  • A redbridge network of primary schools, that are creating and innovating with podcasts are recording their progress on a blog - click here
The LGFL have also put together a new mini-site of their own called Podcast-Central. This does not support Podium, but does give helpful advice on how to create video and audio podcasts. visit Podcast Central here

ESAFETY - Dongle the Rabbit

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