Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Google Documents and SMART Notebook Tips

Tom Barrett has been working on a SMART Notebook tips presentation, but the difference here is that he has allowed many of us to contribute with ideas, tips and ultimately our own slides.

I am very excited by this creative use of Google Docs as a truly collaborative tool. So far there are 18 tips, the latest comes from yours truly (unless Tom chooses to delete this slide). This presentation is well worth a look and you will almost certainly find something useful!

I am still pondering the fine detail of how I would use this tool in the classroom and I know Tom has had mixed success, favouring Google spreadsheets over the presentations application, due to the speed of the data updating. Nevertheless I am going to be promoting and employing these tools in my teaching in 2008 as a different way of doing multimedia and spreadsheets in upper Key Stage 2.

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