Monday, October 15, 2007

More Fireworks then!

Following my post yesterday the gauntlet of the Firework picture has been picked up by both Simon and Doug Dickinson. I also had a lame attempt at creating far more subtle myself using a picture of my colleagues arriving at NAACE earlier this year.

Here is Doug's rather lovely image using Textease

You can read his response to the challenge in the comments below, but if you are too lazy, and for speed this is what he said:

I had a go in Textease Paint.
You can see it at or if you have Textease you can see it in all of its sound and animation glory at

Thanks Doug
Then came this rather nice animated scene from Simon

Up until now, I was unaware that animated gifs could be uploaded to Blogger, so it is good to see this little animation, if only for that reason. Thank you to both artists, but I am sure more of you could take part in the Firework challenge. I present my latest effort below, though do bear in mind that I am trying to imitate the style of a Key Stage Two child!!!


Linda said...

I couldn't resist -
Though I was thinking about the graphical modelling work I'll be doing after half term, rather than trying to use a paint package. Who says it's desks and chairs that have to be copied, resized etc..!

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