Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beebot PECS Idea

Thank you to the wonderful people that Nicholas and I worked with this morning up at Hatton special school. We worked on effective use of the SMART Board and associated software. We also took away a good idea from Dan the techy instructor guy. He and Nic were looking @ Beebots and children creating simple programs. Dan mentioned that many children in special (and mainstream) use velcro strips for schedules, sentence building and mainly as a communication tool, as shown in the picture below.

Why not then create similar velcro PECS strips that show BEEBOT buttons, that way children can create simple programs using their usual means of communication. I am surprised TTS haven't picked up on this one yet, must give them a call.


Anonymous said...

Love this idea - we have used similar for making cup of tea of a sandwich with great success

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