Saturday, August 04, 2007

Science Fiction News

I have been studying the Renewed Framework for Literacy for most of this week and trying to piece together the skills needed by teachers to deliver the units to the Max. While this is important and very worthy the extract below from a Year 4 unit stopped me in my tracks!

It seems all those Doctor Who (and the structure of narrative) lessons I taught 18 months ago with one eye on the door, were actually ok! and it seems the strategy endorse such study.

Good news for Boys writing ( and I include myself as a boy what writes)

Heres the extract
Year 4 Narrative - Unit 2 - Suggested teaching approaches
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Phase 1: Shared reading and familiarisation with the text-type (4 days)
Teaching content:
Prior to teaching the unit, whole-class collections of fantasy or science fiction texts should be established to support independent reading for pleasure. Texts could include films, comics, picture books, TV programmes and written texts. One particular text could be chosen as the whole-class novel, for children to experience how a narrative builds over a period of time.

And it continues...

In case your interested the text that I used was called Rose a moving tale of a young girl who leaves home to travel, it was poignantly written by Russel T Davies


Two Whizzy said...

Hi Anthony Long time no hear. Unfortunately not in year 4 next year, as this Dr Who sounds great!!! Why have I only heard of him on your's and Nick's Pages!?* LOL.

There are also some really good episodes of Star Trek for use in Key Stage 2, a common element in voyager and TNG for example are the use of flash back and the layering of episodes. (linked perhaps to layered text development in ICT) DS9 as a narative is also developed from the idea of a western, with the space station acting like a frontier town. The first episode might be really good for stimulating persuasive writing and exploring viewpoints, as we are introduced to the characters for the first time and they all have very different takes on the federation's involvement in Bajour. I also think parts of Enterprise, especially those episodes that deal with the birth of the technologies that seem everyday in the other series could be really good fun ways of engaging in a Heath Robinson way with instructional writing and explaining processes, since the series seems very cleverly to be able to deal with the future as if it is archaic. I really like the last episode for this, When Riker visits Enterprise on the Holodeck and he has to interact with familiar yet very retro technologies. There is a similar episode tribble troubles in DS9 for this.

Oh no! I reallly am a geek after all. Take care and hear from you soon.

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