Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dancing Robots

Simon has written about and worked with children on programming the Beebot to dance. Perhaps the above robot puts this activity into context. Here is a Japanese robot that today's Guardian reports can be programmed to replicate folk dances, though most of the movements are upper body it is apparently very lifelike.

There is a video of this robot, which would be good to use when working on control, in order to help children appreciate ICT within the real world. According to the Guardian, it doesn't end there, there are robots being developed by the South Korean Military that can shoot, while the U.S. have developed a stretcher bearer that looks like a bear. Earlier this month the Japanese Times, reported on a robot receptionist that was developed to greet visitors and walk with them along predefined routes.

I guess for me, my dream robot would be able to scan all the books on my ever groaning shelf and download the salient points (in a visual and memorable) codec into my brain.

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