Monday, August 06, 2007

Now copy it up in best

The Renewed Literacy Strategy objective below has often been mentioned in this blog

12. Presentation
Use wordprocessing packages to present written work and continue to increase speed and accuracy in typing.

While I am pleased by the inclusion of ICT as a medium for publishing the work, what alarms me is the recurrance of the above phrase throughout the framework and its implication. Surely we want to see the keyboard as a tool for authoring and not something we use to tidy things up and make them look nice for the wall or the project folder.

To be fair, we are not yet in the one laptop per child situation yet, therefore we can't quite get to the keyboard as equal status to the pencil paradigm just yet. So, for now I will just have to live with seeng children sitting in the ICT suite typing up their best copy of the story- unless we also promote other means of publishing such as Podcasting!! As seen in the Year 6 extract below

Polish and 'publish' the story outcomes (remembering electronic possibilities such as Internet posting, podcasting, alongside paper publication and wall displays). Evaluate and self-evaluate the stories against agreed criteria and with reference to the features of the chosen genre as identified earlier in the unit.


Linda said...

WhilstI agree that what you aptly describe as 'polish and publish' is generally a waste of IT resources, you've got to give the Strategy people credit for trying to catch up on the ground that they've lost.

Take a look at the detail on this page:

The literacy strategy could actually serve to raise standards! Somewhere there is a referenece to Y1's inserting pictures and text on to a page, when I presented this as a possible outcome I could see Y3 teachers who were falsely comfortable about their ICT teaching going pale!

Anonymous said...

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