Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Now you get it

Picture credit: Bear Malin

During our last leading teacher day, we talked about collaboration and also focused on the 'Finding Things Out' strand of ICT.

I asked people to create their own del.cio.us accounts. During our leading teachers day, we often come up with a wide range of links and online resources, very often these get shared verbally,but the collaboration is no more than analogue. Now that all those that attended have a del.cio.us account,we can share and see what others are discovering, without having to wait until the next meeting.

How did we do this?

Well, we could have had the same account and password, and in retrospect this may have been more efficient in terms of organising tags. However I am quite keen to see who has been discovering and link harvesting. Therefore we have decided on using the tag redbridgeit as a means of flagging something to share- thanks to Amanda who is the busiest link out there!

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