Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Tomorrow is the annual Redbridge ICT conference. A big thanks to Gary, Shabz, Tina and Harmeet who have done all the behind the scenes work for the event. I am very excited about listening to Alan November and David Ware.

Alan is an international speaker, who some refer to as a web evangelist. Whatever that means!. I have been rereading his book and have found his work extremely interesting. He mostly takes about what technology can do for us in opening up new learning possibilities and relationships, rather than us using it as a bolt-on or a way of replacing what we already do!

David Ware from Little Heath is a digital and SEN pioneer, for him the use of film and animation is just pert of his everyday job. The films and animations that he has helped students and teachers create @ the unique Little Heath school, have been showcased @ national events and in John Davitt's work.

I have created a conference blog, specifically for tomorrow and added a number of authors, but anyone can comment.

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