Sunday, May 06, 2007

The scales have fallen from my eyes

My Podcast Journey begins again here!!
I used to download Podcasts using Ipodder,back when I was in the classroom. though I mostly stuck to Pete Tong's Tongcast and the excellent Learn Excel form Mr Excel. Since then I have left podcasting alone for a while. Choosing instead to explore the likes of Youtube, in the hope that I could discover those visual nuggets for use in the classroom. Though there have been some great nature clips, examples of cyber bullying to scare teachers with, the odd Lego Robolab creation and the inspiring stuff on TED TALKS, I have to say though actual good quality classroom material has been lacking!

And now
This weekend I have been doing quite a bit of research on podcasting for an up and coming course. I have been struck by just how widespread this medium is, and by the fact that it isn't just about audio clips. My current Podcas diet has now swelled greatly - up until yesterday it was just the SMART Board Podcast. But I have now subscribed to a further five:

Here's three :

Reigniting my old dance music passion with Graham Gold's Podcast

Keeping up with the second best show on TV- The Apprentice

And Keeping up with the bets show on TV- DR WHO

This has all been very exciting, not just because I have found niche podcasts to download and view on my PC or Iriver for my own sad tastes, but because I have also discovered how some schools are using the medium. I am linking to one example below, because it is quite rough and ready and you get the feeling that the school is keen to pioneer with the medium.

Oh the school is Welsh by the way!!

I am feeling as excited by podcasting as I did a few months ago about Photostory- it is certianly a medium I want to develop further with schools.

I guess most of you have seen the vidoe clip from teacher tube by now, but if not it gives a strong argument for the use of new technologies in the classroom.

And Finally..
Who can fail to be excited by the trailer for episodes 6-13 of Dr Who? available now -click here


Nic Hughes said...

Wow, powerful stuff on that video :)

James Watson said...

Its true, Anthony - oldskool house rules! I used to be a dj many moons ago myself, in fact my first student loan back in 1990 went to buy a set of Technics decks - I was the first in my Uni to get them!