Sunday, April 22, 2007


I was pleased to read in Simon's blog, how he has recently learned to open two windows and drag pictures from one to the other. This is an example of a technique that may seem obvious and old hat to some but is a wonderful and time saving find for those who have just discovered it!

Here are a couple of new finds on the SMART BOARD I recently came across:

  • Hold down both on board "buttons" on the board to bring up the calibration screen

  • When googling or using a search box- write the item you are looking for anywhere on screen e.g."human dalek"- then place your pen in the search box - the menu will appear to recognise

And finally by going to view- zoom and dual page display you can effectively split the screen between two pages in a single notebook- a great tool for literacy work. Note I needed the very latest version of SMART notebook to do this.


Nic Hughes said...

Cool 2 things I didn't know :)

Nic Hughes

Linda said...

I'm using v 9.5 but can't find the dual page display and I thought that this was the latest version.

Anthony Evans said...

Hi there Linda I too am using version 9.5 but i have isnatlled the service pack update from the SMART tech website