Sunday, February 18, 2007

(Still) Learning To Type and Google Analytics

I continue to push on with 2Type, but I am not as disciplined as I should be. However I am determined to work at this, as I am also trying to persuade teachers to use it. Imagine learning to use a pen @ 35 it is similar in a way because learning to type is about motor control (thanks Nicholas for this term)

I know how disabling it is to be a clumsy typist, particularly when you have plans to write - children need this skill- they can't (like me ) become over reliant on the spell-checker to clear up the mess at the end. This is like over- use of a calculator at the expense of mental arithmetic skills.

Google Analytics

This is amazing- I have had a site meter on my blog for ages but this tool is so much more powerful. As you can see form the picture below you can see where and how visitors have found you. What's more it is free, all you need to do is register and then copy the code into your blog template or website. The only problem is that it can get very addictive, I think I have checked my blog stats 12 times since I registered on Thursday. Click here to find out more

Imagine if you were using this tool with your class on a school website, they'd be thrilled by seeing all those international visitors. Something like this is all ready happening over on Tom Barrett's blog - Oh to be back in class!


Two Whizzy said...

Hi Anthony
Cool Tool. How did the Whiteboard sesson go?

Anthony Evans said...

It went really well- Thank you

I wrote this really long Smart notebook on the IWB from foundation to Y6 and renewed literacy- a lot to take in but most people were inspired.

See my next blog entry for more smart stuff