Sunday, December 10, 2006

Most Popular Toys

The Christmas chart topping toys this year are:

Dr Who Cyberman Mask - 21% of boys are hoping to receive this Christmas
Fast Talking Lightning McQueen - 19%
Deal or No Deal Board Game - 9%
Bratz Forever Diamondz doll - 30% of girls hoping to receive this Christmas
Baby Born with Magic Eyes - 14%
Let’s Dance Barbie Doll - 14%

Thanks to easier finance for this information. Good to see a Who toy is topping the ratings for the guys. Seriously I think it is important to know what kids like as this helps with ICT projects hmmm could we compare this data with our own class? Could we create a pictogram or a graph- Any excuse to talk Dr Who in a lesson is good.

Incidentally I was in a school last week where the kids were arguing over and swapping the Dr Who Battles in TIme cards. At the end of the day, a parent came and complained that her son`s cards had been stolen and that they were worth over twenty pounds!

What a fantastic spreadsheeting exercise- how much will we need to spend to collect enough to fill the collectors box? I believe a pack of five costs around one fifty for five.


Battles in Time website

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