Friday, November 10, 2006

Oakington Manor and other Things

Website and Cyber Bullying

Its been very busy in the Primary ICT department of late. Today we had session two of the Internet Safety or Cyber Bullying Course. If you missed it and most of you did – then you can access the materials and links from the new Primary ICT Website. I am so glad that the site is now live, albeit hampered by a couple of leaking bags. It will get sorted! Hopefully our site will grow but stay useful, despite its very web 1.0 feel!

I have immediate plans to get the reviews and co-coordinators pages live, though I am reluctant to place a time limit on this just yet.

Oakington Manor

Last week Sandra, Nick and I visited this lovely, exciting and downright innovative school in Wembley. Yes it took us ages to get there, but it was well worth it. Ophelia, an AST and the schools ICT Coordinator made us very welcome. What was nice is that despite her school’s obvious progress and outstanding ICT, she was very much ‘on the level’ and willing to share.

The best thing about the visit was watching the 2Type lesson. The year 3 boys were really excited by getting over 150 on the 2Type games. So were they just playing games then? Maybe but many of the children were looking at the screen and not the keyboard, or if they did it was only for a passing few seconds. There was very little fumbling around or searching for the keys.

Check out their site

Well next week Mr John Davitt is gracing us with his presence. Expect pictures and sycophantic scrawlings on this web log in his honour. Seriously, he is coming to give us his view on ICT in the new Literacy Frameworks I cant wait!

Also got a new piece of animation software on trial, I have yet to play with it fully but the site looked fantastic and its been used in Wales(Swansea even) need I say more.


As a postscript to this entry I must just mention Torchwood. It has taken some time to ‘bed in’ but episode 4, which featured the cyberwoman was just the most thrilling, exciting,stunning etc piece of Doctor Who drama since ‘ Parting of the ways’! Sorry I’ll try to leave Torchwood and Doctor Who out of this ICT blog.

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