Saturday, November 25, 2006

Literacy and ICT

This week I worked with a Y6 teacher to plan a literacy lesson using ICT, or rather a Literacy Lesson using the Whiteboard. After my initial panic at finding that the teacher I was working with was more than confident with ICT, we settled down and planned some work on describing characters and settings.


What we came up with was really exciting, and yet very simple. We used photostory3 to create a movie of images of faces with different expressions. We subtitled each of these with words like intimidating, fierce, enigmatic etc  We took the images from Flickr and the Dr who Website. As the children watched the movie they needed to collect the words and then augment their lists with others from their head. We then showed the children an image of a shadowy figure in the forest.


They then had to write the description of themselves alone in the forest with this figure, using the `wow` words that they had collected.


Photostory3 is such a quick and easy tool - and the results are fantastic.


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