Friday, January 16, 2009

Gaming in Cleveland Juniors

Yesterday I was priviliged to work with Simon and Anjum at Cleveland Junior on creating games with Year 6. We used the platform tool in 2DIY. You can see the video cllips below, but I want to stress the following:

Game design - is an ideal opportunity for collaborative discussion work - you should have seen the heated and very energetic discussion some of these partner groups were having. Normally we get hung up about should kids be in paisrs or working aalone- with this activity working together was very necessary becuase it allowed for refinement discussions on improving the game.

Girls love creating games as much as boys

Creating games is within childrens' zone of relevance - all the kids mentioned how the tools they used reminded them of mini clip

Games are literacy - they are a 21cc media that are children consume - therefore asking them to create their own is an ideal way to teach concepts of good design, audience and ' modifying and evaluating' - that forgotton strand of the ICT curriculum

Watch and enjoy


Ben Annett said...

Very inspiring videos! I love this software. It works well with SEN too!

anjum razaq- Cleveland said...

My kids loved this software, I've had requests from other kids who want to give it a whirl too. Very good software and I recommend it highly!

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